March 27, 2015


Some stuff I've been working on sporadically for the past year or so, mostly just having fun and playing with different lighting set-ups, colors and composition.

February 10, 2015

History of the Old Republic

Starting out 2015 with a bang by getting a gig doing Star Wars stuff for an upcoming book that will attempt to make sense of the Star Wars: Legends stuff that is no longer considered 'canon' by LucasFilm.

Here's some of the stuff I've done so far:

February 3, 2015


I could finally get back into some personal stuff this week. A nice quick one, right in the comfort zone to get started. :)

December 7, 2014

Star Wars VII - Warm-ups

So excited!!!

October 31, 2014

Way Out World

Cover for the book 'Way Out World' by Glen Held that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

Happy Halloween everyone!

October 13, 2014

Orc Samurai

Something I quickly did tonight while waiting for feedback on another piece.

August 31, 2014


More personal project stuff.