June 26, 2009

30min Sketch - Arctic Crash

Did this one up pretty quickly in-between doing some work for the game website (I'll be able to post that link soon so you can at least see some of my work for it).

I started with THIS photo of San Francisco because I really enjoyed the colors. 30mins later and it tells a completely different story. ;-)


  1. Travis a friend of mine has a Facebook page entitled The THING Prequel. It's a sort of official/unofficial page for the movie The THING released last year. When I showed him your Arctic crash portrait he liked it as much as I did & wants to feature it as a cover for the page. Question:did you at anytime have the new movie The THING in mind? Who goes there? Or John Carpenter's classic The THING when you made this beauty? I

  2. I mean't to add if it is related. Do you mind if he uses it? He certainly doesn't want to if you don't approve. I would love to see you do someTHING related at some point. The piece fits very nicely into the universe that is The THING. So much so that we unanimously agree it's the perfect cover for the page. Check it out at Facebook's The Thing Prequel page. I think you're gonna agree. Thank's I hope to here from you. Terrific work all around by the way. You can reach me at Brian.McMahon73@Gmail.com