September 15, 2009

Enviro Thumbnails

I got an invite to join a contest on DeviantArt where I have to create a fantasy environment - something that I love doing anyway. ;-)

Thumbnails are usually small, color roughs that an artist does to block out a scene or just to quickly get ideas onto a canvas. These are slightly larger than I would usually do a thumbnail but the intent and purpose remain the same.

After completing the first painting, I wanted to add a more claustrophobic and creepy feel which you can really see with the difference in the trees and the shift in color in the second image. There's still a few elements missing that I want in the final image so I may do one more thumbnail and try to squeeze them in there before completing the work. :-D


  1. These pics have given me some inspiration for something WE have been writing :P nice work.
    Can only imagine what spidery beings will burst froth from the pusling red pods...

  2. pusling = pulsing....sheesh long day :P