November 14, 2009

Ma.K - Invasion Force

Another painting based on Kow Yokoyama-san's "Maschinen Krieger" universe. Finished for a 'Ma.K' Tenjikai competition here in Japan.

This one depicts the Strahl Forces that were originally called in to help the remaining people of Earth but instead, only made things worse, as they march through the decimated streets. The human sized suits are the Melusine Fighting Suits while the large walker in the background is a Krote AI Support.

The image was intended to evoke the old Nazi propaganda images from WWII.

The mother and daughter are a bit off as painting human faces in still a weak point of mine but I'm happy to call this finished.

Forgot how many hours this one took... a lot, that's all I remember.

Photoshop CS3.

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