December 12, 2009

Time to Rest

Just trying out some new things... I could probably say that for almost everything I paint as I'm always trying to incorporate new techniques, etc to improve myself over the last painting.

I think I really improved in a couple of areas with this one... I took a chance by adding in the red scarf around the humanoid's neck as it's such a contrasting color to the rest of the image but I think it really paid off. I'm not too happy with the heads/helmets on the statues but I can always go back at a later time and rework them. :)

This is the kind of thing that I really enjoy painting - that faraway world that you can relate to but is still completely alien.


  1. Ok...this could be my new favourite....I get so many ideas from this it :)

  2. Hey man, it's about time you commented on my blog again. ;) Glad I could inspire you. :D

  3. I like it!

    I wish the real world had more giant figures carved into mountains.