July 23, 2010


Boy, this game came out of nowhere for me. Up until the last week or so I hadn't even really heard of it, at least I didn't think it interested me. By chance, I watched one of the video reviews for it and thought it looked pretty cool and then I tried to demo...

This game is so atmospheric, scary, funny, cute, grotesque and in a very strange way heartwarming that I can't think of any other game that comes as close to capturing all of these aspects in one package so well. It's a bit on the short side but once I finished, I couldn't wait to start it all over again.

This painting was nagging at me as soon as I started playing the game and I knew I wouldn't be able to paint anything else this weekend until I got this out of the way.


  1. geesh, i would love to see more of your work.

  2. @Raark - Pretty sure it's coming to PS3 Network soon, it's a timed exclusive.

    @church - Feel free to check my older blog posts or follow the links at the top right of the page that will take you to either my other site and my DeviantArt gallery. ;)