November 24, 2010

Nuclear Dawn - Assault Class Promo Art

InterWave Studios have now released this image on their Facebook page so it's ok for me to upload the original version of it on my blog now. This is the 2nd of 3 Promo images I've done for the game (so far), a mixture of photographic elements and 2D digital techniques.

I used reference for the pose and the FN2000 rifle (he's not holding the grip because that would be too dangerous while running and would look a little silly as it's a bull-pup configuration).


  1. Well that's something. I didn't hear anything about this game but you art maid me interested enough to get one. So ask them for a raise as your bringing them ne clients ;)

  2. I dont think ive ever seen so much detail in a pic of yours before...I loved all the others but this is something else again...fricken brilliant!!!