December 3, 2010

Nuclear Dawn - Stealth Class Promo Art

Back with some more Promo work that I recently did on Nuclear Dawn for InterWave Studios. This is actually the first painting I completed but the last to be officially released (so far, I may do more yet). In many ways, it's my favorite of the 3 images I've done so far for the game's marketing as I used the least amount of photo textures on this one and relied mainly on raw painting. The look of the character in this painting is also a little closer to how I designed the original and not exactly as she appears in the final game - yay for artistic license. :-P

Back with more soon. :-)


  1. OUTSTANDING!!!!! really like this one

  2. Yeh and your faces are awesome now the way she is looking at me through the broken she has already garrotted me and that look is the last thing i will see :P