April 2, 2011

Prometheus - Space Jockey/Engineer

What a month! :-o

Well, thankfully things seem to be getting back to normal here in Tokyo. There's food on the shelves, the earthquakes are much less regular (As I type this, we just had a big one - damn, my wishful thinking!) and work is back on and full steam ahead.

During the time since my last update, I've been doing some work on a new HALO film project - that has been a lot of fun and has helped to take my mind off everything else. I'll be finishing on that soon and will upload the work I've done for it after that.

In the meantime, I'm pretty excited about the idea of Ridley Scott creating another Sci-Fi epic apparently set within the Alien universe. There are rumors that the Space Jockey (seen briefly in the egg chamber at the beginning of the original Alien) will make an appearance somewhere in this new movie. I love the idea of finding out more about this giant creature, I just hope they don't 'Boba Fett' him.


  1. Awesome!!...but doesnt look like a Peppered Gnome!!
    ....just joshin.. :P

    Hey...what do you mean by hope they dont Boba Fett him? Feed him to a sand dwelling opportunistic wormy thing... ?

  2. @Rick - I meant, I hope he remains cool and not become a whiny and obnoxious Maori brat. :-p

    Some things are cool because they have mystery that should never be explained, like Boba Fett used to be.

  3. Excellent! The 'jockey has always been one of the most fascinating things about the Alien film.

  4. Never noticed the jockey in the Alien film...lol...might be time to buy the collectors directers cut 3d blu ray remastered extended edition then :P