May 7, 2011

HALO: FAITH - Covenant Hunter

I actually thought I had finished on HALO: FAITH but the team liked my work so much they asked me to continue and do some 'redesigns' of some of the Covenant aliens that will appear in the film.

The idea was to present a more realistic and frightening version of each of the enemy species while keeping them completely recognizable to the fans and also adhering to the canon of the HALO universe.

The Hunter (Mgalekgolo) was the most difficult for me as they are already pretty scary in the games and there is a specific canon that they wear armor provided by the Elite class (Sangheili). Because they are supposed to be a large tangle of worm-like creatures encased in this armor, I went with an idea that the exterior should look as if it were binding them much like the Kayan Lahwi neck rings.

More to come soon... ish.

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