January 25, 2013

Sketch Time!

I've been going back and practicing some core fundamentals recently, areas where I feel my work is really lacking such as values and interesting lighting scenarios.

This first one was a sketch that I completed for Anthony Jones (RobotPencil)'s Heaven's Hell contest. The requirement was to design something that looks like it comes from the same world as the characters in the book but you have to keep the sketch under an hour. I'll probably go back and flesh him out a little more but I'm happy with what I could achieve within that time limit.

Anyone want to give this guy a proper name?

My next sketch was just for me and was really concentrating on values, lighting and composition and took me around 90mins to complete without color. Again, I'll probably go back and flesh this out some more and splash some color over it.


  1. Name Arbalest popped into my mind and I cant get rid of it :-D It doesnt make much sense, I know :-)

  2. I like it - Arbalest it is. :) As soon as I have a chance, I'll finish this guy up and give him his new name. Cheers, Martin.