April 19, 2010

The Crow

This started out as a very simple anatomy and lighting study in my head and I just kept pushing it (and myself) to make it a finished piece that I was happy with.

I've always loved the story of The Crow and am a huge fan of the original comic and movie (I also don't mind the 2nd movie but the rest are 'less than special'). I based this image off the original comic version and like that version, used Iggy Pop as my body reference for Eric and the lead singer of Bauhaus for the face. The only deviation I've made from the original comic is by adding in an actual crow on Eric's shoulder as it appears in the film (in the comic, the crow was a meta-physical guide that never actually existed in the real world).

There's a bunch of little Easter Eggs in the piece for fans of the original comic too. :)

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