April 4, 2010


So busy at work these past few weeks and I've also been working on a new film project that I've been doing a lot of concept art for. :-0

I recently received a copy of The Art and Making of The Force Unleashed from a friend working at LucasArts and it was signed by many members of the art and design team - I had the biggest shit-eating grin! :-D

I've been really inspired by the work in the book and have wanted to paint something 'Star Wars' for a while now... specifically, a Rancor and a Stormtrooper.

This painting fills both of those desires! :-)


  1. What film project or is it a secret? shhhh :P
    p.s. love the pic

  2. It's a secret... but if you get your ass on to Skype some time, I'll tell you about it! ;)