May 17, 2010


Who doesn't love giant robot velociraptors that are armed to the teeth?! This was a commission piece for a cat named Esiel based on a character created by RaptorFire.

Sorry about that 'cat' bit, I've just always wanted to refer to someone as that... sounds so 70's retro. :-p

Only 2 more days before I get my copy of Re Dead Redemption! :-D


  1. Oh I will have that game....looks freaking awesome and freaking fun...rootin tootinest wild west shootinest game out there :)
    (for PS3 of course) :P

  2. Oh and by the way...awesome pic.
    Ever thought of doing Monster Manual pics for WOTC ?

  3. Yeah, RDR is an awesome game. My copy came later than expected but I've just made it to Mexico. :)