May 13, 2010

Warm-up Sketches

A couple of quick warm-up sketches that took around 45mins each.


  1. Love the guy on the left, what race is he again? I probably shouldn't be lazy and look it up in my Starwars RPG rule book :P
    ...oh love the robot too...looks like a badass sifting through the destruction he has just wrought

  2. I don't remember the actual race just that the dude in Return of the Jedi's name was Nikto. Maybe Nikto is the race too... who knows? Star Wars is all messed up now. :-p

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  4. I take it the more recent films have soured over time for you :P
    Three things that stick in my craw...Jar Jar Binks, Midi Cloriens and Darth's last scene where he goes "Noooooo".