October 24, 2011

Hunter King

'The Tho'lein, a proud race that wins the respect, admiration and loyalty of their people through strength and prowess. Any one member of their species, male or female may ascend to a ruling throne so long as they prove themselves in battle or hunting a great beast but either task must be won with honor. A cheat or murderer will just as likely be torn apart by the very people he is attempting to sway to his banner.

Once a King (or Queen) is 'crowned', a chain of golden coins is threaded through the hard, bone protrusions that wrap around a Tho'lein's skull to signify their status.

Humans that have encountered this race sometimes refer to them as Blue Devils due to their skull-like appearance and crown of sharp bone.'
Trying to be a little more loose and gestural with this painting, only detailing the essential areas and seeing how much I could get away with leaving rough. Very happy with how it turned out.

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